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iloveriddles.com provides Riddles and Puzzle related questions  and Answer. We have a huge collection of riddles and answer. You can find all different types of riddles with the answers on our site. Our motive is to provide you with high-quality content that can help you challenge your brain and your friends. We are also coming with the new ideas which we implement on our site and in our upcoming post. We have a very hard wording team that is working daily to bring you the Riddles which are trending and there answers with proper explanations.

we are growing up and adding more funny riddle and answers for you in coming time. Note: the site is in initial stage now.

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I love to solve Riddle that why the website is called I Love Riddle dot com. I created this website to share my knowledge with the other world. Love to share my thoughts with others. I am very thankful for my team which helps to bring you these Riddles and other questions. You can also join us with our social media account to share are read more fun content.

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